let's do something cool

clubhouse projects

if you would like to join the clubhouse task force contact an admin. updates and other task force files are available on the ~clubhouse tilde.

project orgs

working with cgit

option 1: http (read only)

things work like you expect:

~$ git clone$user/repo

option 2: ssh (read/write)

  1. send your ssh key to an admin so you can get shell access to the clubhouse server
  2. log into your shell account ssh $
  3. create a repo git init --bare ~/repos/my-repo (.git extension is ignored)
  4. your repos directory should have a sticky group read bit, if you don't want public read on your repo consider storing it in ~/private-repos or checking man cgitrc 5 for details on cgit's permissions model
  5. back on your computer you can git remote add origin $ or the equivalent edit to .git/config and do your work as usual

server info

ecdsa key fingerprint