clubhouse/pikabu(cute) multimedia chat over xmpp clubhouse org3 hours
clubhouse/ search api and index system clubhouse org5 hours
xj9/g/journala blog xj97 hours
xj9/g/journal.gita blog xj97 hours
mirror/zinka_arraytoolPython based package for phased array antenna design and analysis https://zinka....git7 hours
xj9/g/walkaway-handbookDON'T PANIC xj98 hours
xj9/g/walkaway-handbook.gitDON'T PANIC xj98 hours
mirror/Kels316_DIY-Air-PurifierA small DIY air purifier using off-the-shelf components for under $100 AUD git11 hours
mirror/endless-skyEndless Sky is a sandbox-style space exploration game similar to Elite, Escape V...git15 hours
mirror/openssla "full-strength" general purpose cryptographic library git15 hours
mirror/mumble-voip_mumbleMumble is a voicechat program for gamers written on top of Qt and Opus git15 hours
mirror/ngosang_trackerslistUpdated list of public BitTorrent trackers git15 hours
mirror/joeycastillo_The-Open-BookThe Open Book aims to be a simple device that anyone with a soldering iron can b...git15 hours
mirror/antonblanchard_microwattA tiny Open POWER ISA softcore written in VHDL 2008 git15 hours
mirror/amark_gunA realtime, decentralized, offline-first, mutable graph protocol to sync the web...git15 hours
mirror/wolfssla lightweight SSL/TLS library written in ANSI C and targeted for embedded, RTOS,...git15 hours
mirror/free-programming-booksList of Free Learning Resources git15 hours
mirror/WebOfTrustInfo_rwot9-pragueRWOT9 in Prague, The Czech Republic (September 2019) git15 hours
mirror/aportsAlpine Linux aports repository git15 hours
mirror/JeffBezanson_femtolispa lightweight, robust, scheme-like lisp implementation git29 hours
mirror/s7s7 is a Scheme implementation intended as an extension language for other applic...git34 hours
mirror/ryansuchocki_microschemeA Scheme subset for Atmel microcontrollers git35 hours
mirror/fail0verflow_babelfishThis is babelfish, a just-in-time self-propagting IOS patcher for the Nintendo W...git35 hours
mirror/fail0verflow_bootmii-utilsUtils to be used with BootMii (from git35 hours
mirror/fail0verflow_miniMINI (MINI is not IOS) is a open source replacement for Nintendo/BroadOn's IOS (...git35 hours
mirror/alpineAlpine is a program to manage e-mail git39 hours
mirror/evilsocket_pwnagotchi(⌐■_■) - Deep Reinforcement Learning instrumenting bettercap for WiFi pwni...git39 hours
mirror/loko-schemeOptimizing R6RS compiler for Linux and bare hardware git39 hours
mirror/SiIky_invidious.scmInvidious API for Scheme git39 hours
mirror/named-data_NLSRNamed Data Link State Routing git39 hours
mirror/loki-project_loki-networkLokinet is an anonymous, decentralized and IP based overlay network for the inte...git39 hours
mirror/emacs-evil_evilThe extensible vi layer for Emacs. git39 hours
mirror/chicken_corethe CHICKEN Scheme system git3 days
tomo/apkbuildsapk repo for walkaway software (tomo@alpine-demo) tomo org3 days
mirror/cathugger_mkp224ovanity address generator for ed25519 onion services git4 days
mirror/elm_compilerCompiler for Elm, a functional language for reliable webapps git4 days
mirror/upyum_gophergopher protocol egg git4 days
mirror/upyum_phrickenGopher server in CHICKEN Scheme. git4 days
mirror/upyum_gopher-gitCgit-like interface for Gopher git4 days
mirror/upyum_dhtBittorrent DHT node in CHICKEN Scheme git4 days
mirror/upyum_maACME-like text-buffer/editor by Felix Winkelmann. git4 days
mirror/kanaka_malMake a Lisp git5 days
mirror/gentoo_musl-overlayThis is the overlay for Gentoo build with musl git5 days
mirror/tromp_tromp.github.ioJohn Tromp HomePage git5 days
xj9/b/scripts~/.local/bin xj95 days
mirror/celehner_patchfooPlain SSB web UI git6 days
mirror/named-data_ndn-toolsNDN Essential Tools git6 days
mirror/pleroma-feA single column frontend for both Pleroma and GS servers git6 days
mirror/busyboxThe Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux git7 days
mirror/purpleidea_mgmtNext generation distributed, event-driven, parallel config management! git8 days