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masteradd --blacklist optionxj915 months
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2019-02-15add --blacklist optionHEADmasterxj9
2019-01-24don't fail silently, fallback to date for commit messagesxj9
2017-04-27Merge pull request #1 from ismaelbej/users-fileMartín Gaitán
2016-02-14Support to read users from a fileIsmael Bejarano
2016-02-13Do not fail when user folder has subfoldersIsmael Bejarano
2014-11-13just a plain python module, in a sake of brevityMartín Gaitán
2014-11-13merge upstreamMartín Gaitán
2014-11-13manual configuration to convert rstMartín Gaitán
2014-11-13use abspaths to get versionsMartín Gaitán
2014-11-13wiki config demoMartín Gaitán